Dun Yong, supplier of Asian food and non-food

Dun Yong has been providing Europe with the ingredients of the Asian cuisine since 1959. Dun Yong has a complete selection of Asian products in their assortment.

We have been delivering our goods to the catering industry, restaurants, institutions and other catering suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond. We go where we are needed. Quick and simple. Dun Yong stands for commitment, quality and service.

Restaurants and Wholesale

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Japanese & Korean

Thai & Vietnamese

Chinese & Indonesian

We are ISO 22000 certified

Dun Yong Food Services is certified according the ISO 22000:2018 standard. This shows that our processes and food safety management complies with international food safety standards. The certificate provides our clients the reassurance that we know how to handle food products safely and bring our clients products that they can trust.

Oldest and largest Chinese toko of Amsterdam

For nearly half a century, Dun Yong has brought Europe in touch with the tasteful Asian cuisine. We are one of the first Chinese companies to settle in the Netherlands in the late 1950's.

This brings us a lot of expertise and experience. Dun Yong is home in all cuisines of Asia, both food and non-food. We are known for our service, quality and affordability. Who Asia says, thinks of Dun Yong.

Grandma Dun Yong working at the counter