When you hear Asia, you think of Dun Yong

Chef sprinkling ingredients over sushi

Dun Yong has been the Asia specialist since 1959. With an eye for everything that has to do with Asian cuisine. We sell food as well as non-food products from all over Asia.

Dun Yong started with a small shop in Amsterdam and over the years we have grown with the expanding interest in Asian cuisine. Currently our store has six floors. In addition, we have a separate department for restaurants and wholesalers. For generations we have represented service, quality and reasonable prices. Whoever thinks of Asia cannot ignore Dun Yong.

Everything you need for Asian cuisine

Dun Yong has a complete range of high quality and affordable Asian products, both food and non-food. As a total supplier, we serve restaurants as well as other wholesalers. We provide food products from many Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese and Thai. On top of that, we provide non-food items, such as tableware, kitchenware, utensils, disposables and sushi robots. In short, you need it? We have it.

Sales department
Warehouse worker
Han character for quality
“Who wants to get started with Asian cuisine can not do without Dun Yong. We have a wide range of Asian products for restaurants, catering and wholesalers. We provide service and quality all the way into your kitchen.”
Panorama view of warehouse hall B

Good and reliable service

Dun Yong guarantees good, fast and reliable service in the delivery of products. You can quickly and easily place your order online or by phone. For generations we have been a trusted and well-known name and we work with regular, reliable drivers. For extra convenience, you can make use of our key service. When you entrust your company's key to us, we can also deliver when no one is present for extra convenience

The products of Dun Yong

Dun Yong’s strength is in food and non-food products from Asia. From rice to seaweed. From pans to sushi robots.

The catalogues of Dun Yong

Dun Yong has created pre-selected assortments so you can always easily find what you need.