Privacy policy

V2.0 June 2018

Dun Yong Foodservices B.V., hereinafter to be called "Dun Yong Food Services", values the protection of the privacy of your personal and confidential data. Therefor we are informing you on how your data is used at Dun Yong Food Service. Below you will find the Dun Yong Food Services policy regarding the privacy for (potential) customers, we recommend you to read through our privacy policy.

To what is the privacy policy applicable?

This Privacy Policy applies to all consumer information collected or used by Dun Yong Food Services. Information collected through the website for commercial use and personal data collected offline managed by Dun Yong Food Services. If your data will be used in any other way than specified in this privacy policy, this will be explicitly indicated.

Why does Dun Yong Food Services need your information?

By providing your data, you will enable Dun Yong Food Services to serve you better. Dun Yong Food Services will make it easier for you to:

  • register your orders
  • receive personal messages and special promotions
  • request specific information
  • save time by storing your preferences
  • use our website to place your orders with Dun Yong Food Services

It will also give us the opportunity to do market research with the purpose to further develop and improve our assortment, service and website. Your data will be issued in several ways through the website. For example by filling in the client registration form for Dun Yong Food Services, by placing an order or signing up for a newsletter.

Your personal data can also be provided to us by contacting us by e-mail, phone or other ways of communication.

Furthermore it is also possible that upon acquisition of another company your data is transferred to Dun Yong Food Services by a third party. In case you do not wish for us to use any of your personal information which you did not pass on to us yourself personally, please let us know by contacting us.

What happens with the data provided?

The more information we receive from you, the better and more personally we can serve you. Of course, you always have control over whether or not you want to use these services.

Dun Yong Food Services does not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties so that they may use your personal information for their own purposes. Dun Yong Food Services does not provide any financial information to other parties unless it is necessary to process your order, process our invoice and/or prevent fraud or combat fraud.

Does Dun Yong Food Services protect your personal information?

Dun Yong Food Services attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and is more than aware that this responsibility must be taken seriously. We use several secure techniques to protect your data. This happens, for example, by encrypting financial data, passwords, and using firewalls and secure servers.

What are your rights?

Once you have provided us with your identifiable personal information, you can modify or adjust this information at any time. You can do this online using our contact form or by contacting us at:

Dun Yong Food Services
Oderweg 3
1043 AG Amsterdam

To use the services of Dun Yong Food Services, registration of your data is required. If you do not want to be registered, you can not use the services of Dun Yong Food Services. Of course, you will always have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing of Dun Yong Food Services and keep using the rest of the services.

Can this Dun Yong Food Services Privacy Policy be revised?

Dun Yong Food Services, together with her clients, is engaged in improving her services on a daily basis. In this way, Dun Yong Food Services, tries to provide you with a more and more interesting assortment of products. This may make is necessary for us to change our policy on data protection.

Therefore it is our advise to regularly check if any changes have been made to this page. If it concerns changes that may affect your personal Dun Yong Food Services profile, we will certainly inform you on this.